Thursday, January 17, 2008

What was lost is now found

Okay. So I lost my wallet at a Social Distortion/Bad Religion concert in Queen Creek in September . . . a good amount of beer money, my ID, my health insurance card, couple credit cards, etc. I went home, canceled the cards and ordered a new id. And hoped that some 19 year old wasn't going into clubs and getting into trouble posed as a 30-some year old redhead - oh yeah, and then getting pregnant and having a baby with my insurance card. . . . Ah fun.

BUT here it is January 2008 and my WALLET appears in a church parking lot in Sunnyslope!!! I'm sure the wallet taker felt guilty after spending all that beer money and was wondering how to reach me. I mean where else would I go after a Bad Religion concert than back to my Menonite church in Sunnyslope?? The church is getting a new roof and they think the wallet fell from the roof while doing demolition. The VERY nice woman mailed it back to me.

Of course, the money was gone but everything else is perfectly intact. And now I have a spare ID for the NEXT concert I attend!


Geggie said...

Hey!! You're here!! Congrats. I'm going to link to you, too.

( blog is


cheapblueguitar said...

OMG you are blogging! *hugs*