Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can you cough a toenail off?

I know, I know - I've neglected my blog. But if it feels neglected . . . get in line!!

But check this out - I caught a HECK of a cold (the same one lots of people have caught this month, I think) and while the chills have gone, the cold has rested in my chest. Which means night after night of hacking up my lungs instead of sleeping. How are you supposed to heal if you can't sleep?

Friday night was no exception - when I got up in the morning, I felt a pull on my toe and YUP, the toenail fell off!

Your visual aid:

Perhaps it wasn't the cough. Years of running and pounding my toes into the bottom of my shoe. And now it seems like my running days are put on hold. The Plantar Fasciatis I suffered when training for my 2006 marathon might have been a tendinitis instead. I took time off and it got better, but I still had the occasional pain. My return to running has brought it back - and with a vengeance. After a doctor visit and an MRI - I'm told running and hiking are out for a while. (It's my favorite release!) I get fitted for a special orthotic tomorrow and see a specialist in a few weeks. WAH!


kim•ber•ly said...

Hope those orthotics get you back out running as soon as possible!

fotomom said...

Amy, how could your own mother not know about such a traumatic experience? How many times have I told you not to play in the mud in your bare feet! My poor baby… come home and I’ll make you some banana bread!