Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Has it really been since July when I last posted to this blog? I have fallen victim to the information overload, social media mixed choices, work-life balance conundrum that I think many of us experience. Life has its moments - it's been a crazy year. I've had some major disappointments, some heart burn, some moments of sadness but am happy still for many many things. I'm still employed. I have a great family. My dogs are adorable. Got a new car. I've really realized some great friendships. I've had a lot of laughs. I am progressing although not at the rate I would *like* to progress. But I'm coming back around. I will post more. I will balance. I will FIGURE it out, right? We all do - and we all get smarter in this ever-changing world.

Now onto my easier goals of finding the perfect man and achieving a smaller waistline. HA!

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kim•ber•ly said...

Sorry to burst your bubble - there ain't no perfect man and I won't even _start_ about that waistline