Thursday, July 24, 2008

More about the girls . . . !

Well, we're off to the vet again. Polly needs to get her last shot for the WORMS she got (was it me letting them dip in the park lake? or Polly's affinity to find bird carcasses and wolf them down before I can intervene?).

She also had a bad foot and after x-rays we discovered the bones were not broken but two nails were slightly torn - when they went to cut them back they discovered they were hollow and infected. SO a couple weeks of antibiotics and the CONE and only going out to pee - and they are still oozy :-(

So since I had the camera out, I thought I would try to capture the happy pups for a picture. Polly is like my sister - very photogenic. That smile radiates out of the image. Poor Anna is like me. A *good* picture only happens every so often. They both have beautiful happy puppy smiles! And here are the attempts to capture that this morning - this cracks me up. Poor Anna!! :-)

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