Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catching Up

Sometimes I feel like my entire life is just one big game of catch up. I spent the weekend recovering from my back injury and I go to the chiropractor one more time today - then hopefully I'm good to run and I can try to catch up with the miles I've missed in training.

Since I was home, I spent the weekend catching up on paperwork and finally cleared off that card table in my office full of junk mail, bills and other "to dos". While I was cleaning and filing, I found three different lists of email addresses from Charity Chick events I have yet to add to my email database (which is still a silly excel spreadsheet).

Last night, I spent 2+ hours finally going through my Outlook folder entitled "email list cleanup" where I've thrown all bounce notifications from Charity Chick mailings and all emails where someone sent me updated contact information or requested to be added to my emails. I STILL need to go through and add those three email lists tonight.

Also, while I was doing paperwork, I created another big box of "to be shredded" stuff that is now in the middle of my living room (that was a smart thing I did - bought a stainless steel shredder and put it right in the living room so I can shred and watch evening TV).

And I still have a small stack of stuff sitting next to my desk TO DO and to be caught up. OY VEY.

Off to work now, I have some serious catching up to do there as well!!

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