Sunday, August 3, 2008


Here's a little conversation that happened in the world o work last week - and it's not a first-time occurrence. Names and situation have been fabricated to protect the . . . well, to protect.


Me: Okay, well then we're ready to get started painting this room. I like your overall plan, but remember, I don't want the ceiling to be orange.

Other Person (OP): Sure no problem. I'll get going.

Me: Remember, don't paint the ceiling orange.

OP: Yup.

Me, on way out door: Hey, what are these cans of yellow and red paint?

OP: Oh, well we're going to mix them for the paint.

Me: Where is that going to go?

OP: On the space between the crown molding.

Me: You mean, the ceiling?

OP: Yeah, the upper space above the crown molding.

Me: And so, you plan to mix these colors together and paint the ceiling?

OP: Yeah.

Me: But won't that make the ceiling orange?

OP: What, you don't want orange on the ceiling? I didn't know that.


Seriously, I can't wait to start my week. If I'm lucky I'll have a bunch of emailed requests waiting from all the other people that are as descriptive as:
Can you post this thing? (what thing, where, what will it say?)
Oh, and today is my deadline, so can you drop everything and do it right now?

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