Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yep - another vet bill, Anna!

Seriously, it feels like we LIVE at the doctors these days. Polly's ears and tummy. Polly's feet. Then Anna's torn toenail. Now Anna has a green gooky nose (sounds attractive, yes?). Everything looks good - she doesn't have a fever, nothing else is showing a sign of infection so it could be: just an irritant, a foreign object stuck in there that needs to be extracted OR some crazy immune disease that wouldn't be good at all.

For now, we're starting with a round of antibiotics - they took tests for Valley Fever AND Tick Fever and we shall see. $300+ later . . .

Me. I'm at the chiropractor 3 times a week and just got fitted for my NEW orthotics. (Oh, that feels so old). I have a combo set - one for my running shoes and boots and a second smaller set that supposedly I can fit into dressier work shoes. I'm supposed to wear them almost all the time and hopefully all my back pains, plantar faciitis and knee/calve pains are behind me? We shall see.

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cheapblueguitar said...

Poor doggy! And poor Amy! I hope you feel better soon.