Sunday, August 10, 2008


Okay, so maybe it wasn't the LAST garage sale I will ever have. Let's just say the last time I ever have an August garage sale. What was I thinking? My alarm went off at 4 am and I began the process of unloading the garage and setting up the sale at 4:30 am. In my experience, people cruise by early and if I'm not set up and ready, it is difficult to handle customers - because they arrive in bunches. I also got smart this time and used a clothing rack with a blanket as a wall to block my garage. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do. I've had them walk into the garage before and start poking around on shelves - seriously?

Anyway - it was a hot a muggy morning and set up took forever! Jo Anna showed up around 6 with more stuff and Amy saved the day by arriving with STRONG iced coffee, string cheese and granola bars at 7.

We did okay. But not as well as I have done in the past. I mean, who in their right mind is garage sale shopping in this weather? We didn't get any of the "pros" but we did attract a lot of really nice families who were looking for home necessities. All in all, we made $150 yesterday. Not bad!

Since traffic was slow and I was solo on Sunday, we determined to hold off on the sale Sunday and wait until the end of September to try again. SO, if you missed the window of time to drop off YOUR junk, there still is time!

After we cleaned it all up and re-loaded and stacked all the boxes in my garage, I made my way to Mesa to drop off an outdoor firepit to Jo Anna. I've learned one thing about hosting all these garage sales, if you don't end up writing a check at your own event, you're just not looking!! I have yet to have an event where we don't walk away with something someone else donated.

Then I went to my friend Diane's house who was hosting a FABulous BBQ and Pool Party with her newly refurbished pool. It was VERY blue, lots of toys and shady umbrellas. Fun, fun, fun!! I *might* have drank a little too much koolaid because I feel today like I didn't actually TALK to anyone, I think I might have shouted a lot. I'm sure I was very wise and witty albeit hyper and shouty.

And now today - I'm attempting to tackle the house tasks. And my golf tournament stuff. And logging into all of my social media tools to wish my friend Brian a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And I am tired. Am I too old for all this stuff?

I'm supposed to be able to start running again this week - will I be able to make up the time and run a decent marathon in October? I have some serious thinking to do tonight. I need to recommit by tomorrow if I am still going to go to San Francisco. Decisions are hard :(

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cheapblueguitar said...

You are so awesome! I hope you raised lots of dough this weekend.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.