Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm a Quitter :-(

Well, yesterday I officially decided to drop out of the San Francisco marathon. It really bites. I mean, I got in by LOTTERY drawing. No Tiffany necklace at the finish line for me. :-( I'm very bummed, but I know it was a smart decision.

I'm not superstitious per se, but I do try to listen to things that I feel are "signs" I'm meant to do something . . . I thought getting my name drawn out of thousands was a sign I was meant to do this race.

But perhaps it was just a nudge to take on a new goal with Team in Training and help make some strides against cancer. Perhaps the back injury was my second "sign" that I did my work and now it's time to rest.

And a woman had contacted me a while back wanting to buy my bib. She read in our Facebook Nike Women's Marathon Group that I had been drawn AND was fundraising for Team in Training. I held onto her email just in case I decided to go beyond mentor and fundraise to travel with the group. And now I can offer this up to her and she is tickled pink. So it's all good.

I'm sure her time will be MUCH better than what MY time would have been if I tried to push it. And I'll ask her for a donation in place of the bib fee, so the circle of GOOD will continue.

Even though I know it was the right choice, I still kind of feel like a quitter. This will pass. I am going to try and run tomorrow and see how it goes . . . .


Alissa said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Where did you find the link it it? I'm sorry to hear that you are not doing Nike. I seriously considered not doing it because I'm a worry wort about money right now. Its all going to work out. I signed the papers! Anyways, I just linked you up to my bloglines reader so I can stay up to date with your blog. See you later!

Unknown said...

I think you had your blog address published in the Grovesite and I added it to my Reader. I didn't realize and you're already on your way - but we will be in San Diego as well! Maybe I'll see you. I'm the one holding the beer waiting for the half to finish :)