Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lucky Eight - on Eight Oh Seven (Yea, me!)

We've all probably gotten an email about how LUCKY tomorrow should be. 08-08-08. You haven't? Well, Read a little. And more.

But MY luck started today! I WON a $250 gift certificate to a VERY COOL athletic-inspired online clothing store called Athleta. I get their catalogs and really love their stuff. I've been working on getting back on track and loving my physical self again - so I'm think I should use this to buy a very cute GOAL OUTFIT. This wonderful surprise came from a online blog/website/tool that I just joined called - their tagline: "Healthy, happy you" - and I'm totally happy :)

I also received an email from my new friend Ali Spagnola. You may remember that I received a very cool Charity Chick inspired painting from her earlier this year. Well, she has made me ANOTHER painting, this time as a raffle prize for my Charity Chicks Golf & Glow Tournament! Thanks, Ali!

OTHER exciting news. So I have that golf tournament coming up for Charity Chicks and Team in Training. I've invested a good deal of time planning it. I've written a deposit check. I have prizes, flyers, registration goodies and volunteers. And not one team signed up yet. I am expecting some signups, but still - no official paper-to-pen, check-in-hand teams. Today we secured a SPONSOR. has kindly offered us an ad - valued at $750 - that will go out to 80,000 LunchClub email subscribers on 8/21. If THAT doesn't drum up some attention for the ol' Charity Chicks and hopefully a TEAM or two, I don't know WHAT will.

And yet MORE good news (this came yesterday - Happy Hump Day!) - the doctor said that I am progressing AHEAD OF SCHEDULE and I can start running again next week (with some modifications to form). I'm still worried about catching up the miles, but I am going to do all that I can.

AND - we had one HECK of a storm tonight and I LOVES me some rain and thunder and lightening. My mood is GREAT!

my flower box, all glisteny and rained on

Polly is NOT so happy :-( Thunder is scary - she's wedged against the wall next to my computer right now. She wants ME to take the lightening blow for her. Why not, that's what moms are for!! (Fake human-to-dog moms)

save me!

Happy 08-08-08 to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Im ready for some 8-8-8 luck myself!

well done!

Unknown said...

Hope your 8th was good to you as well! :-)