Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Arts for ME (Thanks, Brian)

I love the viral internet. It's amazing to watch a good idea grow. And yes, it also can be SCARY what people will do with the internet as well, but let's pretend those freaks don't exist for now . . .

I hungrily watched for every One Red Paperclip trade to see if one guy could start a blog and trade a paperclip up for a HOUSE (yup, he did and now he's selling a BOOK based on his experience!) And look what happened to one shopaholic and an idea: Save Karyn! (Yes, of course she has a book as well)

And now, with the help of my friend Brian - the KING of the Internet - I'm now part of the growth of an artist.

Artist Ali Spagnola is an art school grad seeking to find her way in the world O art. Her online gallery of paintings that she has created and given away already shows more than 400 images. And she says she has 400+ MORE people waiting for paintings from her.

Her concept - she wants to continue to paint and build her portfolio, but she doesn't want to have to STORE all of them. So she's giving away her paintings for FREE.

She DOES accept donations to "support the arts" - I gave her $14 for Valentine's Day (I wonder who else did?) She also does commissioned paintings as well.

The potential: "The more people that request paintings, the better I get at painting and the more famous I get, the more my paintings are worth. Everybody wins!"

Keep your eye out for this one. A smart girl with a cute concept, fun style and some cans of paint.

Here's MY painting that is on its way to me - go Charity Chicks!

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cheapblueguitar said...

If I am king of the internet, then where's my crown. I want my crown!

Ooh... I like your painting. It's very nice. Go Charity Chicks!