Monday, March 24, 2008

Thank you Easter Bunny - Bok! Bok!

Mom - silly as ever!I spent yesterday with my parents first - we went to church and then the BUFFET for breakfast (thanks for the coupons, Grandma and Grandpa!). Then we went to my sister's and spent the rest of the day with the boys. My sister is such a good mom and is resurrecting all of the FUN things my parents used to do with us when we were kids.

My mom used to make us colored pancakes for every holiday - pink hearts, green shamrocks, colored eggs. So great! Hand poured, not with any cookie cutter assistance, which meant they were usually lopsided and definitely homemade, which made them perfect! I remember one St. Patrick's Day, though, my mom died the milk green and I just couldn't bring myself to drink it!
Uh huh huh - french accent - I find zee eggs!
Harry who?
We did Easter egg hunts LONG after Heidi and I were too old to have them. The rules would change a little, but I remember having to wear the bunny ears the whole time - and you had to HOP to go find the eggs and HOP to put them back in the basket!
Cool kids can still have fun at Easter!
So this year, we made bunny ears out of foam and then did face painting. The two older boys had to do the whole egg hunt tied together with their dad's belt! No one was injured or fell in the pool . . . amazing!
Giving the little ones an advantage!
Hope you had some fun too! :-) I'm so thankful to be able to spend time with my crazy family.


cheapblueguitar said...


You cut your hair!

Looks like a fun day.

Easter Rulez!

Geggie said...

You hair is great!

And those boys are sooo big!