Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Meet Bella Blue. . . . my new ride!!

It's spring - I'm gonna do it. I live close enough to my office it's a shame to NOT do it. That's right, I'm going to RIDE MY BIKE TO WORK. That is until it gets too hot for me to not need a full shower upon arrival in the mornings . . .

I feel so GREEN.

And look at my ride - I named her Bella Blue. She's cute and has a large two-sided basket on the back so I can bring my laptop back and forth from work to home and carry a change of clothes. And she's my favorite color: blue. All I need now is a bell (ting a ling!) and some sparkly tassels for the handlebars!

She's like the bikes we rode as kids - one speed, with foot brakes. Which is a challenge for me. My ride to the office isn't that long - I did a test run this weekend and can make it in under a half hour - but I have several uphill points - and with no change of gears . . . OY, I'm outta shape! And remembering to use my feet and NOT to squeeze the handlebars when I want to stop is new. I kept forgetting that this weekend. On my road bike, when I coast, I sometimes back-peddle. If you do that on THIS bike - screeeech! Sort of like reaching for the clutch when you switch from a stick to an automatic car. (Anyone placing bets on my first new bike injury??)

The good news is that I live right off a greenbelt and my work is on the other side of that greenbelt. So I'm only on a road with other cars for about 1/10th of my journey - the rest is all park travel. Not so bad, eh?


  • I could shed a pound or two from the extra movement (please, please, please!!)
  • I HAVE to leave work before it gets dark
  • I should be more awake upon arrival
  • Can't hit a fast food drive-thru on a bike!


cheapblueguitar said...

Your bike is sooooo cute! I love the basket.

Geggie said...

I love her. I haven't been on a bike since I fell off and broke my arm in fifth grade. Oh, and there was the time mom and I rented a tandem in Scotland when I was in 7th grade. We never got on, pushed the bike around. Then it started to rain. Mom didn't have her wallent, Dad wasn't with us...he was off on his bike ride. We sat in the rain. Pitiful.

But really, I'd like to try a bike again...not a road bike a cruiser. Where did you get it, pray tell? She's so cute!

Unknown said...

I've been watching the paper and called on quite a few . . . ended up down the street at a little bike shop on McDowell that has all sorts of bikes all conditions - had them put it together and mounted the basket. I'm set! Watch Craigslist though - some people pay big $$ and then don't ride and just want it gone. You have to act fast when you see one at a good price . . .