Sunday, March 23, 2008

Out and About in AZ . . . .

Spring, spring, spring! It's a sin to stay inside right now; it's impossible to not want to be ACTIVE; and it's simply DUMB to leave the house without a pocket full of allergy meds.

Ah yes, spring: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Right, right??

This weekend I took advantage of the FABulous weather and took in a hike. I also let the world take a gander at my lovely paper-white legs. If you pretend to not notice the brown haze, it's an amazing view peeking out of the mountain ranges at our city skyline.

Speaking of brown haze and the fight against it. . . Me and Bella Blue . . . biking to work has been GREAT. It's still brisk in the mornings, so I arrive all rosy and refreshed. It's not a far ride, I think maybe 3 miles. I do a couple hills and haven't biked in FOREVER, so my legs are moaning a little. But all is well.


Geggie said...

I so miss the smell of orange blossoms in Central Phoenix.

Unknown said...

Yes. So lovely (sniff, sniff, sneeze) - I think it's the purple flowers on the mountain that have the wierd smell that I always think is me and get really self-conscious!