Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Make A Difference Day!! Where's my TEAM?

I have been involved with a wonderful organization in Phoenix called Make A Difference for over 11 years.

I used to be VERY active with them and lead a reading project at a shelter, was on event committees, produced graphic design for all event materials and even designed and built their very first website! I met some of my closest friends through Make A Difference - we will be together forever!

Over the past 6 or so years, I've focused on my OWN project: the fabulous Charity Chicks.

But I never miss the annual Make A Difference Serve-A-Thon. The Serve-A-Thon (or Make A Difference Day as it's known to us old-timers) is a pretty cool event. We've had up to 4000 volunteers working on 100+ projects over a four-hour period of time. Homes and shelters were landscaped, festivals attended by kids, neighborhoods cleaned up, murals painted, homes repaired and so much more! It is AMAZING what a group of driven volunteers can accomplish in just one morning. We can literally move mountains and I'm always so inspired by the experience.

For the past 5 years we've had a Team Charity Chicks project. This year is no different. We will be working at a shelter in west Phoenix. We'll be cleaning out the daycare area and hosting a literacy fair for the kids.

SAVE THE DATE: April 12, 2008. It's a Saturday and I will need you for just the morning. It's a great way to spend a beautiful spring day, I swear! Following the project, we are all invited to a picnic and celebration for ALL the volunteers. It's a great chance to mingle with the other 3000 volunteers and learn about their projects and experiences.

In addition to a Serve-A-Thon, the event is also a fundraiser. Not only are we committing thousands of hands in service for one day, we're also raising money to fund the YEAR-LONG activities of Make A Difference. If you want to donate, you can do so on our site:

More information about our project to come . . .


cheapblueguitar said...

I wanna be on your team. Count me in,

Unknown said...

Sweet!! I will send registration forms and more details next week after my site visit! YEA!!

Geggie said...

I wish I could be there, but surprise, surprise...I'll be working.

Oh, that and I live 2500 miles away.

Geggie said...

I have a bloggie gift for you today. Come visit me, k/