Sunday, August 24, 2008


Wouldn't you want to come in and hop on that treadmill?Who knew? I mean, I've clearly been hiding it most of my life. But apparently I've GOT it!

What is going on, you wonder? Well - since I can't work out until my back gets a little bit better and the doc gives me the thumbs up, I COULD sit around and eat ice cream. OR I could try something crazier than a marathon. So I did it. I started the Smart For Life COOKIE DIET on Tuesday. Today was Day 6 and I can totally do it, I think. :-) I figured like all difficult things, you just need to get through the first week.

Basically, I can have 6 "cookies" all day. The cookie: each 3x3 square is about 80 calories and contains a bunch o fiber and some protein and other stuff. I get 6 of them during the day (basically 1 every 2 hours with 8 ounces of water) - and at night 6 ounces of lean protein and 2 servings of vegetables.

When you get the spiel, they tell you how GREAT the cookies are and how FULL you will be that some people even claim to have trouble eating all the cookies throughout the day - but you're supposed to eat all 6. I have to say during the first couple days I was thinking: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The cookies are NOT fabulous and I was STARVING. Hungry like: Have to go to bed early to try and sleep through the hunger hungry . . .

I tell you though when I pull out those veggies and grill up that solitary chicken breast at night - it is the BEST tasting thing you can imagine! It really makes you appreciate making healthy choices and eating GOOD things.

And my body is adjusting. I really think I can do this.

Although, this is what Polly looks like to me right now:


cheapblueguitar said...

You made me LOL for real. :)

Alissa said...

Oh Amy please be careful! I am tempted to write a book here in your comments telling you why this is not a good idea but I will restrain myself. Sometime I will have to tell you about the lessons I've learned from starvation diets.

I hope your back feels better soon!

Unknown said...

Hi Alissa!

Thank you for the words - I do understand and I should have added the line "kids don't try this at home" to the post. Sometimes I need to do something drastic to get myself back on track - I lose confidence in myself and need to remind myself that I am a strong woman. I will get back to a healthy balance soon - but being inactive BITES. I'll be good - I promise :)


Cortney K. said...

I really do sew and I should probably be working out instead. I HAVe to know how the cookie diet ends up???