Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weekend of JUNK

I can't believe I'm having another garage sale. I'm pretty sure I said the last one was "the last one" - BUT, it's a darn good fundraiser and the people in my life collect a LOT of stuff!

This is my 4th or 5th Charity Chick garage sale. You would think my friends' and family's houses would be empty by now!

So I've posted the ads, gathered the stuff, begun the preparations and now I will spend the weekend in a lawn chair in the AZ heat. Must buy cold beer. I also just looked at the weather - isolated storms Saturday and Sunday. What were the chances??

It's not hard labor but for some reason, I always break a nail, get dirt under them and am exhausted at the end of the day. Is it all the germs and the money going back and forth? It's not like I'm digging in the garden . . .

Wish me luck!!

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