Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're off to the races

Laura is on her way and we're headin off to beautiful San Diego! I have not made the drive to San Diego in YEARS (maybe 10?), so this will be fun! I'm only doing the 5k and Laura will do the half. I guess I'll stand there holding her beer when she finishes!

where are you going, now?

The girls know what the suitcase means and they are NOT happy. But they LOVE our neighbor Walter and he will come stay with them. They'll be fine - and yet I always feel so guilty!

Seriously, that suitcase/backpack is full. And it's for 2.5 days. How did I live out of it for 2.5 weeks before? I'm am the world's worst packer!

We will try out the new iPod gadget thing I bought last night. Gone are the days of packing the whole CD collection!

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