Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Good news: I exceeded the goal for my Diabetes Association collection in my neighborhood today and I anticipate at least ONE more donation . . . . Yea!!

What's that you ask? Well, rather than send general donation letters from the association, they discovered it is more effective to recruit a neighbor representative to sign, stuff, stamp and collect donations from a particular neighborhood. Somehow I made the list of people to recruit for this task - imagine that!

Anyway - this one's for YOU, Billy! My nephew Billy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year and we can thank the good work and research of the American Diabetes Association for helping him fight and learn to live with this disease.

And I'm going to be starting on some new goals myself soon. My city (and employer) is embarking on a new Fit City/Wellness program. I got a health assessment last week and I saw some numbers I didn't like. Time for some changes!!! I'm excited about the journey, but I'm really going to miss my comfort carbs and glasses o wine. Expect a bit of whining about the process to come . . . .

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