Monday, September 1, 2008

The dogs ate my homework . . .

THIS is what I came home from my pool party last night to find. Anna must have got up on the coffee table, pulled down "Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea" and together they went to TOWN. Seriously, the whole family needs to go to AA.

And then in guilt, they tried to tuck it under the hope chest so maybe I wouldn't notice? Little you-know-whats . . . The good news: I finished the book earlier that day. The bad news: it wasn't mine. I guess I will be buying a new one to return to my gracious lender, Jo Anna. Sheeeesh.

Speaking of eating - I am on day 14 of the "cookie diet" and am quite proud of myself. I DO have willpower after all! Couple big moments - I had a PIZZA lunch to attend at work - and managed to attend, have some lettuce, socialize and avoid the pizza (if you know me and pizza - that is HUGE). My friend Diane came by to drop off some Charity Chicks supplies and I offered her a beer and was "okay" with my water. I DID have to not attend an intimate pasta and wine party at my friend Nancy's. That just would have been impossible. But then again I did attend a BBQ/pool party yesterday and managed to avoid the chips/salsa bowl - ate my healthy kabob - and had a nice cup of coffee while they dove into HOMEMADE carrot cake (drool). As of last Tuesday, I was down 3 pounds. I sure hope it's another 3 this week. But whatever. At least I'm winning my own battles.

This week I can start working out again they say. WHEW! I am not one to sit around patiently . . . more to come.


cheapblueguitar said...

Congratulations! On the 3 pounds, not the torn up book.

Geggie said...

Oh...puppies! Did they get a timeout?

Kristin said...

Cookie diet, huh? If I could pick the type of cookie, and each cookie were pizza sized, I think I could make that work.

Way to go on keeping it up for 6 days! Limitiing your food selection can be SO tough when dealing with temptation - but it sounds like you've got a great start!