Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It was a BIG Weekend

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In fact, I'm still going. And I'm tired. But I am PROUD. It was all good. First - the Charity Chicks Golf & GLOW Tournament happened on Saturday. I think it came together FABulously, my volunteers all showed up and were wonderful and it was a great event for everyone.

The next day I loaned out the Charity Chick poker tables and supplies for an event my mentee was hosting - a Poker Tournament. It's crazy to admit this, but even though I've hosted many a charity poker tournament . . . . I don't know how to play!! So I got a quick lesson and played. I managed to make it to a table merge, but it was NOT through my mad skills! And poker face - HA! Does anyone think I could pull THAT off? I THINK the boys appreciated my Elvis glasses or at least they humored me.

And there were other events taking place throughout our happy state over the weekend - as a result thousands of dollars were raised to help fight cancer this weekend. Wouldn't it be GREAT if someday "cancer" was only mentioned in the history and science books??

I've loaded some pictures from the golf tournament, but need to get the other images from my friend Marina before I can post a full synopsis on the event!

It is now 11:30, I have to get up and start the day all over again in the morning . . . where does the time GO???

(P.S. I *DID* break the diet with a few beers at all the events - BUT managed to drop another 3 pounds - so YEA me! 20 more to go . . . )

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