Friday, September 12, 2008

SO not on the cookie diet!

Today was mission impossible for my diet efforts. First, there was a going away lunch to attend at Buco di Beppo for a co-worker. I managed to pass through the family style order for everyone else and got a small spinach and tomato salad. I kept myself busy with that and the ice tea and passed the breads and pastas without partaking... Then there was the giant chocolate sheet cake for her when we got back to the office. I brought down my diet coke and stood around socially while everyone talked about how GREAT the cake was. Still good - the perfect picture of willpower.

Then I went back to my desk and got the email. The last straw. Another co-worker brought in cake. Not just cake: THE CAKE. Its some vodka infused Baileys cake - its moist and so so SO yummy. I caved.

*sigh* now I am full and guilty. Did I mention it was yummy? And why is it when you eat something naughty no matter how full you are, you want MORE. I wish I still smoked. (not really)

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Anonymous said...

And you left some still on the plate?? It looks VERY yummy. Now that's willpower! :)

Anonymous said...

You still ARE on that cookie diet of yours, right? I hope this one tiny little (it was little right?) piece of cake (ha!) is not setting you back... :)))

Cortney K. said...

I don't think I could do the cookie diet for one day! That cake looks so MAY-JAH-LEE great. Congrats on a great weekend!