Monday, September 29, 2008

It was a GREAT weekend. And once again, OUCH

I seriously should live in a bubble I'm so accident prone!

The weekend was GREAT - I had a great run on Saturday - 4.69 miles at an average 11:12 minute/mile. For some - that's a BAD day - for me and my healing and returning process - FABulous. I'm happy. I've been averaging a 13-minute-mile this year so I feel like I could get back to my 10-minute mile sometime soon!!

Then the weekend of crazy girls - do you know they post safety rules at the waterslide? We didn't heed. My feet slipped and I CRASHED on my tailbone. Ouch. I'm hurting . . . again. BUT running doesn't involve sitting so it's all good, right?

Another snake shot for you:

Drinks with umbrellas - that's what makes the world go round!!


cheapblueguitar said...

The straw hats add a nice touch. :)

Anonymous said...

Love snakes. We always burned them on the sidewalks on the 4th to see whose would get longer. Brings back many memories! Didn't know that you could still buy them so I will make sure to get them next year for the kiddos. Thanks!