Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello, Old Friends!

So I'm upright again, losing a few pounds and am ready to recapture my world. Thanks for your comments and support - I have NOT completely fallen off the cookie wagon, although after the cake slip I also managed to drink a few days worth of calories Saturday night. But heck at my age, when I can do it up like a rock star once in a while, it's worth the effort! (It just takes a chunk out of a productive Sunday . . . )

Now that I've missed out on the Nike Marathon, I'm pondering what's next. I'm thinking of aiming a little smaller and going back to half marathons and working on actually creating WIND when I run. Get a little faster. Soooooo, The PF Changs Rock and Roll Marathon is right around the corner and I've decided "what the heck" I can do the half again. I think I've run the Rock and Roll half marathon 3 times? And the last time, I said "never again". Only this year I don't want to be in charge, I don't want to have to deal with picking up, driving, road closures, parking, getting on the shuttle, finding my car and getting out again later. Too many people. I want to be dropped off at the start line and scooped up like all those fabulous runners with fabulous mates get to do!

But alas, what did I do instead? I somehow volunteered to be the coordinator to put together a team to REPRESENT my fine city. What's wrong with me?? And yes, I've already come up with a few fun designs just in case we want to make team shirts!

So if I want to get this larger-than-the-last-time-I-ran booty across the finish line in any kind of decent time, I'd better get cozy with these old friends again. Hello canal - hello 5 am!

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