Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The end is near....

I *might* have hypochondria tendencies. So the weather in Phoenix is awesome right now. We went from sweating our <insert body part of choice> off to a sudden cool down and it's FALL! How long it will last one can't be sure - weather.com has us back to the mid-90s by end of week. But I will take it!

In honor of the fabulous weather I opened up all the doors and windows and the girls and I just basked in it all weekend. Love it!

The unfortunate thing is I also apparently sent an engraved invite to every mosquito in town to come in. Two mornings in a row I have been woken up by the lovely sound of a high-pitch buzzing in my ear. And I am covered with about 15 - 20 welt-like bites AND I've had a headache since Thursday. Do you think I have west nile disease? Just in case, it's been a good life...thanks for tuning in!!

On a serious note, my dad spent over 9 hours with a surgeon digging out skin cancer yesterday. He has to see a plastic surgeon next. We all spend a lot of time outside - DO NOT FORGET your sunscreen EVERYDAY! (and pray they got it all yesterday!)

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