Thursday, October 16, 2008

Golf Tournie Rewind

This is a delayed post. I feel like I spent half my time these days starting emails with "I'm sorry for the delay . . . "

Anyway - we had our annual Charity Chicks Golf Tournament on Saturday Sept 6 at the Continental Golf Course in Scottsdale. It was our FIRST Golf and GLOW tournament and it was definitely FUN. I think everyone had a great time and we raised some very important $$s for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Congratulations to our winning team: Jackie Fisher, Ralph Noriega, Frank Lucero and Steve Gallant! Thanks to all the teams who participated!!

Special thanks to all the sponsors and donors who helped make this event happen. Thank you to event sponsor who presented each member of our winning team with $100 DineSmart Dollars and helped us advertise the tournament. Thanks also to Continental Golf Course for donating rounds of golf and buckets of range balls for our first and last place teams!

MORE thanks to the fabulous Charity Chick volunteers who helped make the night such a SMOOTH and energetic event: Allison Tengan, Bridget Bond, Krista Hudgins, Marina Renneke & Natasha Apocada! (Seriously girls, from my heart - it was awesome to have you there!)

Congrats to our Door Prize winners:

  • $50 Side Door Italian Restaurant - Kevin Sonoda

  • AZ Wine Company Gift Basket ($100) - Sarah McKnight

  • $25 Picazzo's Pizza Restaurant - Kim Schumann

  • $25 Picazzo's Pizza Restaurant - Kevin Sonoda

  • $25 Picazzo's Pizza Restaurant - Paul Olive

  • $30 Chili's Restaurant - Gina Cassagrande

  • California Pizza Kitchen - 2 entrees/drinks - Paul Olive

  • Sunchain Tanning Gift Basket ($100) - Jackie Fisher

  • Original painting by Ali Spagnola - William Dettmers

  • Burt's Bees Product Basket ($150) - Steve Gallant

  • Verve Vitamin Energy Drink Gift Basket - Jim Fieberg

  • Autographed, framed Phil Michelson photo - David Bagesse

  • Margarita Man Machine Rental (over $100) - Barbara Lee

  • Keith Pitts Photography - FREE photo session (valued at over $200) - Rob Morden

  • Bombshell Nails/Melissa Celaya-Lawlor - Manicure/Pedicure - Kim Schumann

  • Bombshell Nails/Melissa Celaya-Lawlor - Manicure/Pedicure - Jim Bordenave

We will probably bring our annual tournament back to Shalimar next year, just because they are so generous and we're able to contribute MORE money to our charitable causes. But I'll work on negotiating another Golf & Glow in the future!

I also sent my FIRST email out through a tool and not from my Cox Outlook account. It costs me about $8 per send, but I think it will help me manage my lists and the sends easier. My list was getting TOO BIG (this is a good thing) and each time I'd have to break it up into about 10-12 different groups in an attempt to not look like I'm sending bulk email through Cox. This send was SO MUCH EASIER. Can't wait to watch the stats tomorrow!

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