Monday, December 1, 2008

We Should SO Be Friends

I recently read a book by Dawn Dias called The Non-Runners Marathon Guide For Women. It was perfect for me. Like her, I also started as a complete non-runner training for a marathon and fundraising for the American Stroke Association.

She hilariously chronicled her experiences while sending emails and updates to her friends and family while attempting to squeeze more donations from them for the organization. Everyone so thoroughly enjoyed her journal entires that they suggested she assemble them into a book and VOILA a book - and I loved it. I just loaned it to a co-worker who is training for her first marathon and from her emails - it's touching her spot as well!

Better yet, she became a total Charity Chick in the process! While on book tour, she turned it into a fundraiser ( where she traveled the US encouraging people to get moving AND while fundraising to help rebuild some of New Orleans through Habitat for Humanity. I'm a little behind the curve . . . most of this happened in 2007 . . . but I'm going to keep my eye on her next move. Seriously, we should so be friends. But I think she might be funnier than me (can I take the pressure??!) :-)

I sent her a fan email tonight and then found this clip of her on YouTube:

It's so cool to find so many people in this crazy world of ours - all wanting to make the world a better place. Yea us! I'm inspired again.

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Anonymous said...

Ames, love her!!! Totally need to get that book now.