Sunday, November 30, 2008

Charity Chicks Holiday Party - THIS Weekend

How did a four day weekend whiz by like that? Sheeeeesh - so much left to do and I have to work in the morning! I still have to finish ironing on the logos for the teams in my department before weigh in on Friday. Yup, that's right - we're starting a weight loss competition at work at the beginning of DECEMBER - how crazy is that? But it will all be good.

I do plan to protest the contest rules, though. It is based on total pounds lost per team - not a total percentage of body weight. My team doesn't stand a chance if they stick with total pounds. No one has THAT much to lose. Of course, I would love to be the one carrying my team with ALL my dropping pounds! ;-)

Plans continue for my Charity Chicks Holiday Party this weekend. I finally got a band booked - but now I need to scramble to dig up some sound equipment before Saturday. Decor is covered, entertainment, one more email to go out . . . and now all I have left is to panic all week that no one will come and the band and the venue will be disappointed. That's the "fun" part of the events - all the worry. I'm very good at the worrying part notsomuch the rest.

I usually don't do a holiday event - it's impossible to find a "good" date that works for most. And, traditionally it's a time when people who don't normally contribute feel charitable, so I don't feel that we are "needed" as much. But this year, it's different. We have a lot more needs in our community - and it's scary. I hope we can make a dent.

The party should be fun. Wanna join? Lots more details on my website -!

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