Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feets - Don't Fail Me Now!

So I've been a regular on the canals again and it feels good!

After my marathon in Greece in fall 2006, I had constant foot and ankle pain. I had probably over trained a bit and ended up with a case of plantar faciitis that would NOT go away. I stopped running and it still hurt daily, so what was the point?

Anyway, as you know I decided to get back out there again and started training for the Nike Women's Marathon. It was slow and hot. I was slow and sweaty. Man, it's hard to "come back"! Then the back injury put me out of commission and I had to cancel my training.

But now . . . I'm BACK (again)! I'm training for the PF Changs Half Marathon in January and my initial goal was just to get moving again and do it. But I'm starting to set some actual goals now and believe that I can achieve them.

I've been training alone this time and I learned that when it's just me and my music out there, I've really been able to push myself. I was averaging a 11-12 minute mile this summer. But I've been running 3-4 miles 3 nights a week for the past couple weeks and each time I shave the time off a little more and a little more . . . and it feels pretty good! Tonight: 4.04 miles - average pace: 9:53. Wahoo - ROCK STAR!! And I'm so sick today - perhaps it was the fever and delirium that pushed me along??

My chiropractor said that when I started running again it might be a good idea to try and run faster (ha!) and that faster would be less impact on my spine then plodding along slowly. I thought it sounded good but didn't really listen until after this weekend. I ran just under 7 miles with a friend and this was a social run - we finished at an 11:30-some pace. And my back hurt the rest of the weekend. Some truth to the theory maybe?

The important thing is that I'm actually enjoying running again. I look forward to getting back out there and moving my feet on the canal each day and it's GREAT. In no way will I achieve any PR's in January - but I'm hoping to match some of my old times - from back in the day when I was younger and when I felt better.

So YEA me - YEA canals - and YEA running.

Feet: hear me and hear me good. This makes me happy - help me keep it up.


cheapblueguitar said...

Such happy feet! How do you do it?

Alissa said...

yay for you! I forgot we saw each other last Saturday out on the canal. Isn't it so much easier now that its cool. I'm not even dreading the long runs! I find I run faster when I'm by myself because when I'm trying to keep up a conversation I slow down so my breathing isn't labored. Thats not to say that running with people isn't good, I think theres a place for both solitary and group runs in marathon training. Good luck with your training! I will probably see you on the canals!