Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sick - Oy Vey!

Seriously, what was the point of getting a flu shot a week and a half ago? Now I am sick. :( I think this happened last year too - I don't think I ever got a flu shot in previous years. I'm going back to bring a flu shot naysayer.

It probably would help if I didn't chew on my pens and pencils all day though, huh? Can't help it - it all started with Barbie feet....

But here I have a good cup of Mango Passionfruit tea. That should cure what ails me, eh? It feels good at least on my throat. I know, I'm whining.... What is the official word when working out and sick? I thought if you have a fever or bronchitis you're out - but otherwise sweat it out??

I think tonight is going to be a rest night for me... I was going to try and do my long run tomorrow after work before I hit the road Saturday morning. And... New shoes should arrive tomorrow!!

That's something about running ... Once you find the "right" shoe, you stick with it. And then you're also free to bargain shop for them online. I am way over miles for mine and starting to get shin pain which for me always means its time to switch shoes. I should be like lightening in them, right?

Tea/lunch break over (see the smart for life cookies in the background?). Back to work for me!

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cheapblueguitar said...

Oy Vey! Feel better.

Geggie said...

Feel better and rest. Get a neti pot, dude, it helps!!

And a flu shot? Never had one.