Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend of Clean

I *meant* to title this weekend's blog "Whoa Neti!" and tell G and BG that I followed their sage advice and used the Neti Pot to help my recurring sickness and allergy issues. My mom bought me one last year and I keep getting it out but my fear of water/swimming/water-up-the-nose keeps leading me to do OTHER things instead. My goal: I WILL try it this week or this weekend.

Then checkout what I found online!! The Sneezer Beam! Fascinating and frightening at the same time!

So instead of cleaning my schnoz this weekend, I cleaned other things. ANNA helped it along by rolling in something disgusting and smelly in the park. That meant it was bath time - and bath time is FUN. First I entice them both into the bathroom and then close the door, then we take turns in the tub/shower while they sit nose-to-nose (one inside the glass, one outside the glass).

Once the girls are clean - and my legs and the bathtub are covered in wet sticky dog hair and they've managed to shake water, soap and hair all the way up to the ceiling, I release them and they run madly about the house jumping over things, rubbing up on every single wall and piece of furniture. They are crazy. And I love them.

Hot, hairy (dog hair) legs. I'm thinking of posting this on a dating site to see who it attracts - eek!

Mmmm, nice bath water!

Wet floor!

Crazy happy and clean puppies!

After that, it was time for a head-to-toe house clean. Not an exciting weekend . . . but satisfying! And I have fuzzy soft puppies to curl up next to tonight.

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cheapblueguitar said...

That Sneezer Beam thing is scary looking!