Monday, February 16, 2009

Crazy weekend with a bunch of skirts

I can't believe I've fallen into yet ANOTHER week and have not accomplished HALF of what I needed to this weekend. Seriously, it's not like I sat around . . . where do the seconds go?? Come to think of it though, I did cram in a LOT this weekend and it was fun, fun, fun!

FRIDAY night - our band played so the girls went to dinner - had some wine, and more wine - and then went to the show. We had FUN - but we are a little too old to go that hard and that late - and not regret it a bit in the morning. I was not being conscious of having to get up early the next day, pack and set up a booth, run a race and network my brains out! BUT I was fuuuuuny and I can persevere!

SATURDAY - I had a very rough start but got myself packed up and dressed in my little running skirt and we headed out to Tempe Town Lake to set up a booth at the expo area for the Skirt Chaser Race. The Skirt Chaser run is a FUN 5k event that goes around Tempe Town Lake. It was started and is sponsored by a company called Skirt Sports who brought running skirts into the market and made them cool - and now they are everywhere! It's fun to run, sweat and STILL look a little cute! :-) In the Skirt Chaser race, the girls start 3 minutes before the boys (who wear shirts that say "Skirt Chaser" surprisingly enough). There were all sort of skirts - the official race skirts - and a whole bunch of homemade FUN skirts (on some of the boys as well).

This was my friend Diane's FIRST 5K and I think I've got her hooked. She has no desire to ever do a marathon - but I see a few more 5ks and maybe a 10k in her future! I'm happy to say that I was in the top 30% of the girl finishers - someday I might be in the top 20%?? Who knows . . .

The race promoter/organizer was kind enough to give Charity Chicks a free booth at the expo, so I bought us a pop-up awning (my garage is almost completely stocked with Charity Chick supplies at this time) and we set up a table and signage and managed to get some NEW peeps added to our email list!
Could we be any cuter in these matching skirts?

After breaking down the event and loading everything back in my garage, I spent another couple hours (still in that crazy running skirt - BRRRR) at the park with another group of old friends and co-workers. It was great to see everyone but I was BEAT.

Sunday was another whirl of tasks, responsibilities and me nursing a scratchy throat. My body just can't take all this excitement! My folks came over with pizza for dinner and then I spent the rest of the night trying to finish work - adding my NEW people to the database and finally sending the Charity Chicks email at 12:30!!

Does it feel like this blog is turning into a "Dear Diary: Here's what I did last week" thang? Must work on it!!!

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kim•ber•ly said...

Dang, you packed more into this past weekend than I can pack into an entire month. You go girl!