Monday, February 9, 2009

Friendships that LAST

So. I was just filling out my eHarmony profile this weekend (more on that later, I think) and drinking champagne with my friend Diane. The profile questionnaire asked a LOT of questions about my biggest influences and the things I treasure and the things I can't live without . . . and it basically all came down to PEOPLE.

I have been TRULY blessed with an amazing family and fabulous friends. Some people are lucky to have one or two good friends in their lifetime - I'm not sure what I did that was so good - but I have much more than that. And now this crazy thing called The Internet ™ allows me to re-connect with friends after life has separated us, stay in touch with friends I wish I could see more often and even meet new ones!

The past month or so has been about re-connecting with old friends. My high school girlfriend Stacey - we MEAN to see each other more often, but it takes her dad to fly in from Iowa once a year who insists that I join the family dinner to prompt us to book something on the calendar. (Although I'm happy to say I'm taking a day off work this month and going to a Cubs Spring Training game with Stacey and her cousin Karena - yea!).

My "other" family @ dinner!

Then through the magic of Facebook, I found my friends Donna and Sheila. I think of Donna often and miss her contagious energy. Sheila - how I lived life without hearing the TRUTH from a Brooklyn tongue before, I don't know. (It was through Sheila that I met my other Brooklyn girlfriend Chrisann.) Sheila plays the violin (or is it officially a fiddle??) in several Irish bands and she is INSANELY talented! The minute we all connected online, we planned a girls evening and spent a LOT of time remembering some CRAZY stories - dang, I've lived a life!!! I can't wait for us to spend more time together - in fact, Donna is going to help out at a Charity Chick event THIS weekend!!

The gang - we haven't been in the same room
together all of us for 15 or so years!

Sheila and Donna!

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to my other high school girlfriend Kim's 40th birthday party. We have made our best efforts to stay in touch over the years - a lunch here and there - but time still manages to keep on ticking. Her baby sister is grown into a wonderful mother. Kim's kids are outgrowing all of us - and so grown up! And that fabulous husband I had the pleasure of donning a red dress and watching her marry 21+ years ago (almost to their 22nd anniversary!!) was the BEST host and made her party special. I'm so glad to still play a small part in their lives.

Approaching their 22nd anniversary and STILL smiling!

The birthday girl et moi!

Now I'm all warm and fuzzy!

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kim•ber•ly said...

So glad that we have kept in touch all these years! And now that we've got blogging and Facebook, it will be even easier!

Can't wait for your 40th birthday bash!