Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Impressed my GLASS off

I've been wanting to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens and see the Dale Chihuly installation since I first read about it. This weekend, my friend Matt and I finally went. Man, it is impressive! Not like the Arizona landscape isn't beautiful enough - and they do such an amazing job at the DBG at presenting all of nature's desert beauty with some educational features and in a cozy park setting - but then you juxtapose that landscape with the amazing colors and shapes of this glass installation - pretty darn cool. (Those aren't the right descriptive words - but that's all I got right now!)

Most people are familiar with Chihuly's work from the Belagio lobby in Las Vegas (at least us commoners), but he's been stirring things up in the art world since the 60s - taking something that was often played with in small art shapes (glass scultures and such) and making it grandiose and colorful and with botanical shapes. I've always wanted to dabble a little in glass art (so many "I want to"s in my short life!) and want to visit a glass studio in Jerome one of these days and watch it.

All I know is I want to see MORE. I want to learn more and am in search of a documentary so I can watch the creation in process. But really, my unmet desire was - I WANT TO TOUCH IT!

Especially the blue crystal-shaped orbs in the pond. I'm pretty sure they were floating - or were they fastened to something and the water around them made it seem like they are floating?? Big pieces made of glass - floating? If you read in the paper some week about some crazy chick caught breaking into the Desert Botanical Gardens in the middle of the night . . . that would be ME in wading boots touching those darn things! I want to KNOW!

Anyway - some more pictures for your enjoyment . . .

P.S. My backyard is BORING! I need some color!!

P.P.S. I posted this - then went to NetFlix and VOILA! TONS of documentaries!! Which to start with . . . ?

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Unknown said...

OH I can't wait to go see this. My mom makes glass and loves this guys work. Im going to bring her in May. I also saw some of his glass in the Bahamas at Atlantis.