Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whoa, Neti!

I can finally say it - I used my Neti Pot. Not that I didn't believe all the things G & B told me about it . . . it just took a bit of desperation for me to shove salty water up my nose . . .

On Thursday I was officially sick. Yes, right before a race. It figures. It happens almost every time. I had the sore throat, I was run down and I could not stop sneezing. As I went into a meeting Thursday afternoon at our Water Department with my roll of toilet paper, I heard once again about the powers of washing out your schnoz.

My mom gave this to me a year ago and I've gotten it out multiple times. Then I read the part about "be sure to breathe out your mouth" and "tilt your head just so . . " and it seems way too coordinated for me and I put it away again.

But Thursday night I pulled it out, made the warm salty solution and DID IT. Not so bad. I actually feel silly for avoiding it for so long. Two more times Friday morning. And I have to say: I FEEL BETTER. Mind you, I still have a little wheeze but a few more cleanses and a lot more Airborne and I should be good to go!

So now, it's all about me and my feet tomorrow. I can DO IT. I've done it before but I feel less prepared this time than ever it feels. I don't plan to set a personal record, but I'd like to also not do my worst time ever either!

My only fear left is that dang trolley. You see, I'm in charge of the team and we booked a city trolley to take us from the finish to the start line tomorrow. It will be nice to have a warm trolley to hang out on before starting the race. I only fear that all my planning - all the info I sent to the driver - that she'll get hung up in traffic and road closures and my team will be standing in the parking lot staring at me. Or that people are late and the person on the trolley who is running the full marathon starts an hour before us and I'll have to make a call whether to leave people behind. AAAAH. I could not have planned better so I will only THINK POSITIVE TODAY.

More tomorrow. Off to rinse the nostrils again!


cheapblueguitar said...

See! It's not so bad.

Good luck with the marathon tomorrow. Run Amy run!

kim•ber•ly said...

Good luck!

Geggie said...

I'm serious! It's fab!! How was the race?