Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

December sure whizzed by didn't it? To wrap up the year I'll do a quick summation post and then we're on to 2009!!

I started a weight loss competition at work in December. YUP. Right before the holidays, how crazy is that? I was able to give them 2.5 pounds the first 2 weeks, but am not so sure about THIS week's weigh in . . . eek. But we go until Feb 24th so hopefully I can give a LOT more.

My cookie diet? It's going S-L-O-W. The doctor is concerned at how slow my progress is given the regiment and we're going to investigate OTHER internal issues after my half marathon in two weeks. I might need to switch plans. Luckily I was down fat but up muscle at this last weigh in, which is good. But the pounds are STILL there.

Me in the weigh-in line wearing our cool team t-shirt. Photo courtesy of Blair's snazzy iPhone.

Natasha and I took in the Art Walk Third Thursday in Downtown Scottsdale in December as well. It was VERY cool. A band, lights on the canal, some interesting time-lapse light photos, an ice sculptor AND we got to paint quilt squares for domestic violence shelters. Kind of fun to be sitting in downtown Scottsdale on a Thursday night PAINTING.

Natasha at work on her cool piece.
Me and the ice reindeer (recognize my Christmas card?)

Lots of fun stuff over the holiday weeks - Bailey's making party - spending the night at my sister's and waking up with the family on Christmas - my nephews and all their video games - I made Christmas dinner for my folks and my puppies got some GOOD gifts, too!

The girls and I decided to ring in the New Year at the Scottsdale Block Party this year. It wasn't too cold, the crowd was fun and we had a pretty good time! (Except for the nagging pain in my belly all night long . . . )

LOOK - we're HOT!

We took the trolley to the party and then barely managed to snag a cab home in the wee hours of the night. And then my hell began. That nagging pain? I either poisoned myself in the making of our pre-night turkey meatball and spaghetti dinner or I had the worst flu ever. I was violently ill for two days. But no one else got sick so I am happy to report that my culinary skills didn't poison anyone else. I either didn't wash my hands well enough after making the balls (good lesson, kids!) OR my little sample before I decided to further nuke the turkey balls was enough to almost kill me.

I look at it as a cleansing and starting 2009 FRESH. Sounds good, right? I am SO ready for a great year!

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