Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back in Black

I love my black wardrobe. Why? Besides the fact that we're told black is a slimming color, it's also VERY durable.

Spills! Chances are, I'm going to spill my morning coffee, my lunch or SOMETHING on myself at some point during the day. Black hides that (except for the occasional powdered donut mishap).

Wrinkles! I'm a wrinkly person. No, I'm not a Shar Pei but my clothes CAN ressemble one at the end of the day. I don't know what I do, but I seemed to be more wrinkled and rumpled than anyone I know. I used to think it was my choice in clothing but once a friend at work and I accidentally bought the same pair of pants. We were in the bathroom at the same time one day and I looked at her pants and mine. Mine, covered in crotch and waist wrinkles. Hers, fresh. What is is about me??

Sweat! I hate to admit the sweat part - but I live in Arizona and it gets hot. We sweat. Sometimes I have to walk across the corporate campus meetings. Light blue cotton shirts? Show your sweaty parts. Black? Not so much. If only it would work on my brow . . .

I had an old boss that pointed out he thought the Web Department wore all black so no one would notice if they didn't make it home overnight to change clothes. (You'd think he'd worry about the fact that his workload sometimes caused 24-hour shifts, but no . . . )

Yesterday I realized one more great thing about my mostly black wardrobe. People freak out when you wear color! I got creative in brown this Monday and people went out of their way to come upstairs to my office and let the compliments fly. (Why THANK you!)

Today - I was back in black. Not one comment - not one look. Back to normal!


Geggie said...

Rock the black, sister.

And that "boss"? He should have bought you an entire black wardrobe from Chanel if that's what you wanted!

Unknown said...

WE remember THAT boss . . . :-)