Friday, February 15, 2008

People actually SAY these things??

Customer Service at its finest . . .
Clerk when looking at my ID with people in line behind me: “Oh, you cut your hair. You shouldn’t have done that. You look much better in this picture.”
Me: “Well, I was younger and thinner, too. Can’t do a lot about that.”

Words of Wisdom from Co-Worker After 10th Cigarette Break and leaving at 4:30: “Amy, what you really need to do is lower people’s expectations of you. Then YOU could go home, too.”

Best Ever Bedside Manner
Specialist after seeing my ultrasound and fibroids and after a faulty and painful attempt to remove a polyp: “When we go into surgery and I get the fibroids and remove your uterus, I can just pop on down and get the polyp too...”
Me: shock, tears, gasp
Her: "Oh, you weren’t expecting that?”
Seriously, couldn’t you ask first if I planned to USE my parts someday?? I'm nearing 40 but still have a few years to go! Discuss a couple options maybe? sheeesh.


Geggie said...

Wait...that last part isn't really happening, is it?

Unknown said...

Yes . . . and no. The first dr. said I needed surgery right away - we took it down from "take it all out" to an abdominal myomectomy. The 2nd dr. said the opposite and I only need surgery if I decide to get pregnant and before it. SO. I have a 3rd opinion coming next month. I'm thinking it will all be okay. The 2nd dr. said as long as I'm not in so much pain I'm missing work, I can live with it and not go under the knife. I'm leaning that way. It's a good opportunity to get myself healthy again and see if I can take of business myself!