Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's all about ME!

Happy Valentine's Day! Should I care that I'm single on yet another mushy Valentine's Day?? NAH. Because according to the newspaper tomorrow is . . . .


I posted it on my office door at work and told people I expected all to celebrate. I didn't doctor the ad to put my name as some suspected - I DID make her hair a little more red, though . . . just to make it feel a little more ME.

Let's see if I have any nibbles . . . .

Oh, and it's also my girl Michelle's Birthday - my crazy roller derby Michelle. I made THIS to post on her MySpace site:

It's a little montage of Me, Diane, Pat & Sean in Sierra Vista on Halloween. I decided to be Michelle for the night - and we all took turns playing in her bad *beep!* helmet!