Monday, October 24, 2011

Topics only a runner would love

The problem with hanging out with mostly athletes all the time is that certain topics become commonplace. When I met my Ragnar teammates last year as I climbed into the van that would be home for the next 27 hours, it didn't take long before we were comfortable and sharing facts about our bodily functions. It was easy and funny.

FYI, when you put on a dress and show up at an event where they're serving pink drinks from a punch bowl, they probably do not want to talk about how early you have to get up before a run so you can poop.


Mandi Runs said...

Bahaha, omg that is awesome! Thanks for the laugh.

BTW, love the new look of the blog :)

Aimswa said...

Thanks, Mandi! Fun, huh? I've been meaning to add more race-related info but my email to Hoka prompted me to finish and I vamped it up a little too! (Thanks for that, too!)

Mandi Runs said...

No problem, I saw it and thought of you! :)