Sunday, April 6, 2008


Every once in a while I'll check out the stats for Charity Chicks. I use a free stats program and don't save logs, so I'm limited in information but it's fun to watch traffic spike when I send an email out or do any marketing.

And I learn stuff - for instance, making event photo album links were not a waste of time - many visitors spend quite a bit of time thumbing through them. I mean before I get into anything, I always want to know what the events were like and who was there. Plus, we've had some good times and have good memories!

My favorite stats are when the entry point comes from a search. Most of them were NOT looking to volunteer. Or at least volunteer in the same terms I'm talkin about. Could I get interesting traffic because my site/organization has the word "Chicks" in it? Probably. Does it help that my intro page says something about "girls who give it up for cheap"? Oh yeah, I'm sure THAT might mislead to what they might find. How disappointing to land and see that it's girls doing . . . well, nothing but good.

Anyway. I'm marketing for an event right now and the hits are comin - mostly from people on my email list. But not all. I got one hit this week from a Yahoo search for "chicks who dig old men" (tee hee). They read the front page and actually checked out our events page before leaving. I guess they still had hope our events might include a shuffleboard night?

I mean, I've considered older men, but how would Yahoo know that??

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cheapblueguitar said...

I've been screwing up "cheap guitar" searches for quite some time now. :-)