Thursday, April 17, 2008

My brain is full.

I'm back home from a trip to Alexandria and DC. MAN, do I miss my puppies when I'm gone!!

I'll post more with some photos - but I have to unpack and get ready for BOOT CAMP tomorrow morning - which is at 5:30 tomorrow (or 2:30 am in DC time) - EEEEK.

  • Fabulous weather
  • Things in bloom
  • Smart people, great ideas at convention
  • New friends, fun nights out
  • Totally cool treating myself to a night out alone

  • Brain full - kind of hurts
  • Mean beeotch at airport who didn't want me to touch her doggie
  • Cool things I learned - I still don't think I have the staff/time to implement

Some preview pics I took from my cell phone:
My free afternoon in Old Town Alexandria

The Starburst restaurant - what MY restaurant would be like if I had one!

Who knew you could get so darn close to the White House? I always thought the fence was way far away from the actual house and driveway.

La Lucia meal - I think it's the first time I've ever eaten ALONE at a fancy restaurant!


Anonymous said...

Did you buy those shoes?

Unknown said...

I didn't buy the shoes - they were part of a display in the restaurant. It was like the best thrift store EVER threw up in this place. It was awesome. I seriously considered stealing them, though. I will dream about wearing them :)

Geggie said...

So bummed that we didn't get to hook up. Forgive me?

Unknown said...

G! I totally TOTALLY understood - next time fer sure. When you're here this summer - or I definitely want to go back and tackle a couple museums . . .

Geggie said...

I'm reverting back to our old WW days! Remember them? God, it seems like 100 years ago! 2 lbs this week...whoo hoo!

Unknown said...

YEA, G!! 2 pounds = great start! GOSH - it feels like a million years ago when we did WW at work - we were still liked then, huh? Huh! I have gotten the ACTIVE part started but not fully on the complete DIET part. I celebrate a bit this week (getting old and all . . . ) I will give myself a present of a fresh start on Monday! Deciding on program - I definitely need a food diary and accountability. You inspire me. In fact, I thought if I spent more time preparing and enjoying the process of making healthy and good foods like YOU do, I would eat better? Should I pack up the microwave? :)

Geggie said...

Try for your diary. It's addicting.

Yes, pack up the microwave. Well, not completely, it does serve a purpose and it can be more energy efficient than the stove.