Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay, no. Not THAT. But I did go out and buy me one of them fancy BlackBerry Pearls this weekend . . . aka the "Crackberry"

It's pretty cool. I need to spend some time getting to know it a bit, but I do have to say I've answered some emails already on it and the typing part - not so bad. I could get good at it!

It's another attempt to get myself organized. I'm on the go a lot and often have a few different balls in the air at once, so being able to take care of business when away from my home computer will be good. I have some recruitment meetings this week for my Team in Training group and soon will have a whole new crew of mentees to coach along! I'm thinking Facebook would be a nice way to keep the group together - I can post important dates - motivational messages - get the group to collaborate on fundraising. I hope I can convince them to use technology!

Back to my new crack habit - it has a camera with a FLASH (my Razr did not). Here's a picture I took of the beautiful white roses my wonderful friend - and running partner - gave me Friday for my birthday:
Thanks, Laura!!!

awwwwww - aren't they gorgeous?

Oh - and my new toy - it's PINK. As was my Razr. I was NEVER a pink kind of girl! I abhorred it. Avoided it like the plague! And now I'm buying major appliances in pink! (Is a phone an appliance?)

I'm not sure about this new girl-y phase . . . maybe now that I feel my girlhood slipping away, I'm trying to hold onto it with girl-y things?! Maybe. Or maybe I just have less to prove!

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