Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brokedown Mountain

Met some of my Cholla Chick friends at the base of one of our trail runs this morning and had yet another difficult workout. I'm getting slower and slower it seems the harder I work and the more I pay attention to being good to my body. WHEN DO I GET MY REWARD?

I got to the top minutes slower than ever and just broke down and had a small bawlfest. I wonder what the point is of missing all this sleep and working through all the pain if there isn't going to be progress? My wonderful wonderful friends continue to point out the progress that I can't see and I know I need to be a better friend and not such a Debbie Downer. My knees hurt, my calves hurt, my house is messy, I'm behind at work ... Must. Keep. Pressing. On.

Maybe a simple goal this week would be to get at least 6 hours sleep 2 nights in a row. Screw the running times, I should count sleep hours?

Off to another crazy day at work!


Mandi Runs said...

I love you Aimswa!

Get some sleep, it is no good working so hard without recovery ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Mandi :) Love you too!

otcoffeegirl said...

SLEEP!!!!!! I've got your back. (We all do) Don't stress, I promise it will happen.