Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still going ...

It's already Day 9 of my 30-Day Challenge and I'm still going strong. Despite the stress at work and despite the fact that my neighbor office has a giant bag of Peanut M&Ms that calls out to me every single time I go in and out of my office, I have not had chocolate NOR Diet Coke for the past 9 days ... pretty amazing!

Good things:

  • I'm proud of myself for remaining strong and on-plan.
  • I haven't been hungry or feeling seriously deprived
  • The Diet Coke thing hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Sparkling water gives me happy bubbles and that is getting me through it.

Tough things:

  • Convenient food is off the list. I have to be prepared.
  • My body needs to learn to create energy in this new food plan. My run on Saturday SUCKED. My hike on Sunday SUCKED. Perhaps it was due to some other things going on with my body (aka female stuff)
  • Nothing on the scale has changed - really? Not ONE chocolate - running for miles, a 7 hour hike?? *sigh*
  • My stomach still hates me and still feels bloated

And I'm enjoying my meals. Tonight: Turkey burger with Guacamole and steamed asparagus. The turkey burger: ground white meat turkey, egg, almonds ground in the food processor, chopped onions, chopped sweet peppers and a little ranch seasoning. YUMMY.

I think I might have gone a little too heavy on the fruit and nuts and not heavy enough with the vegetables. So this week I'll be adjusting it a bit. It's all a learning curve! Pressing on ...


Mandi Runs said...

Veggies need lots of love! I need more veggies too... why is it that fruits and nuts are so much yummer!?

I am SO proud of you, no Diet Coke or Chocolate!?! That. Is. Amazing. Seriously... AMAZING!

Keep up the great work!! xoxo

Kimberly said...

It's a total learning curve! I've been doing Paleo for a few months now, and for me (who is not - yet - active), I have found that some weeks I lose, others I don't. I'm attributing this to diet - too many nuts or fruit, not enough veggies, or too many veggies, not enough meat and fats. It's fascinating for sure. Keep up the good work! It just gets easier and easier.