Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've got the POWER!!

I have to say on this 30-day Paleo challenge/journey/detox/body reset (whatever I'm calling it today!) that once I got into the rhythm I realized I'm feeling way more EMPOWERED than deprived.

It feels good to make decisions that I know are good for me. It feels like I'm reclaiming my life and my body when I think long-term and not instant gratification.

I had some big hurdles this weekend. On Saturday I was meeting up with a friend for lunch and to see his new twin girls (who, by the way, both screamed with angst every time I looked at them like I was the boogey man - it made me wonder if this "diet" was making me look hungry and perhaps I shouldn't show quite so many teeth when I smiled at them).

We met at a rental property he was working on and his wife brought the babies. When it came time for actual lunch, he sent us off to pick up a pizza and soda. There weren't many choices at the pizza place and so I picked up an antipasto salad as my choice. We sat around the living room, while they chewed on gooey-looking, heavenly smelling slices washed down with bubbly goodness and I picked at (they forgot to give me a fork) the lamest salad of all time: squares of iceberg with a couple pieces of salami thrown on top and drank my room-temperature water. Later, I thought about it, gave myself a pat on the back and then a touch of reality: I was sad for about 5 minutes feeling "deprived" but how long would I have held that feeling of defeat if I caved? *HIGH FIVE* to me!

The next day was a birthday dinner at a friend's house. I heard about the "delicious" bread and other items I couldn't share. But when it came time to load our plates, made acceptable choices and still sat down with a full plate of veggies, salad and pork loin. Not so deprived really!

Now birthday cake time -- I'm not going to lie -- that layered chocolate cake looked heavenly and resisting that was pure TORTURE. (In fact I'm still thinking about how delicious it looked ...) But I poured a cup of coffee and wandered off to the living room and focused on the conversation. Again, it was difficult but my feeling of triumph over that temptation is lasting way longer than the experience of eating that cake would have given me. It's moments like that I need to hold onto and remember in moments of weakness.

But enough about what I can't do ... let's get back to the good stuff: Empowerment and Support!

I am truly blessed to have some amazing people in my life and I need to spend more time with my head UP appreciating all the blessings I have. (It's up right now, I promise!!)

Saturday morning was a short group run followed by a breakfast at the home of our fearless leader of the Cholla Chicks (our self-named running group). We had fruit, coffee, mimosas and frittata and good conversation and laughs. It is so nice to be surrounded by healthy, active and encouraging people! And the menu was no accident ... ever since I started this journey, Waytress has made SURE there is something there I can eat (and our other friend L has to steer clear of glutens as well) and she always makes sure I know just what is available -- so so sweet! (*hugs!*)

The fabulous Mandi with an I sent me an article about all the sugars and chemicals we intake when using running gels and energy foods and so I MADE my own energy gel for the long run on Sunday (more on that and a picture in a separate post) - that felt pretty empowering as well. I'm in control of what goes into my body - wow. That's a pretty cool realization that it IS possible. Love it.

Little peek at how I'm livin' large on Paleo ... today's menu:

  • Turkey bacon/Scrambled Eggs/Black coffee - breakfast
  • Leftover Turkey burger (cold) with spinach/grape tomato/cucumber/carrot salad with a Blood Orange Olive oil/Pomegranate balsamic dressing - lunch
  • White nectarine - snack
  • Spaghetti squash with homemade paleo approved marinara with spicy Italian chicken sausage - dinner

Some diet, huh?


Mandi Runs said...

Yay!! I am so proud of you for making it through a birthday party!! You are amazing!!

Also, I have to admit... I want to eat what you are having today. Yummy!!

Laura said...

Yay! You rock!

Laura said...

This should be your theme song :)