Monday, August 1, 2011

Today, I enter the cave ...

Today is Day One of my 30-Day Paleo challenge and I'm already unprepared! I've done the reading, made the lists and got wrapped up in too many weekend tasks to do the shopping. But I'm starting anyway. I sent Brad home with a bag of non-paleo temptations from my fridge and cupboard and I'm left with fruit & nuts.

The plan: fruit for breakfast. Almonds for snack. Subway salad for lunch. Shop straight after work. I will report my progress and sins (which I hope not to have) on this very blog spot!

If I go Cavewoman, should I stop shaving my legs?

1 comment:

Mandi Runs said...

Haha, you totally should stop shaving your legs! That would be awesome.

So Aims, why are your legs so hairy?

Well I am on the cavewoman diet... I take it very seriously!