Friday, May 2, 2008

Bringing Elizabethan Sexy Back!

The girls had to have their teeth cleaned last week. It was very dramatic. They have to put dogs them under to do the full cleaning and I knew Polly had a bad or cracked tooth. I hate having them go under anesthesia when they are perfectly healthy; it really made me nervous.

So Thursday night I had to take the water away at midnight. Then Friday I took them to the Vet. They were SO excited to go on an adventure until they separated them into kennels. It was so sad and sweet the two seconds I could see them while the door shut. They put them next to each other, but there's a big cement wall separating the stalls. But they stuck their noses out as far as possible so they could still touch . . . . awwwww. While I filled out the paperwork I could hear them crying and it breaks my heart!!

I couldn't pick them up until 4pm, but the doctor was very nice to call me during surgery to talk to me about Polly's cracked tooth. We had it extracted. Then the nurses called to tell me when they both were awake after surgery. When I got there a little after 4, you should have HEARD the dramatic crying. I guess Anna cried all afternoon when she woke up. And then when I got them home, she cried ALL NIGHT. Oy vey. Polly was the one with the pain meds and she barely let you know it.

So this morning we went for our check up. Polly is fine and healing perfectly. Anna however has an infection where her IV line was. So now I have medicine for her leg and she gets to wear THE CONE for the next 10 days. She's actually handling it quite well. I think she knows it means attention.

Anna getting fitted at the Vet.
She's not very happy yet.
That's Polly behind her checking it out.

NOW we're happy -
the McDonald's Drive-Thru!!
This might be okay after all!

When she's not in here laying at my feet, I hear her walking around the house scraping that collar on EVERYthing. This is going to be a long day. I'm teleworking and have a TON to get done. Maybe if I put my IPod on . . . .