Sunday, August 24, 2008


Wouldn't you want to come in and hop on that treadmill?Who knew? I mean, I've clearly been hiding it most of my life. But apparently I've GOT it!

What is going on, you wonder? Well - since I can't work out until my back gets a little bit better and the doc gives me the thumbs up, I COULD sit around and eat ice cream. OR I could try something crazier than a marathon. So I did it. I started the Smart For Life COOKIE DIET on Tuesday. Today was Day 6 and I can totally do it, I think. :-) I figured like all difficult things, you just need to get through the first week.

Basically, I can have 6 "cookies" all day. The cookie: each 3x3 square is about 80 calories and contains a bunch o fiber and some protein and other stuff. I get 6 of them during the day (basically 1 every 2 hours with 8 ounces of water) - and at night 6 ounces of lean protein and 2 servings of vegetables.

When you get the spiel, they tell you how GREAT the cookies are and how FULL you will be that some people even claim to have trouble eating all the cookies throughout the day - but you're supposed to eat all 6. I have to say during the first couple days I was thinking: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The cookies are NOT fabulous and I was STARVING. Hungry like: Have to go to bed early to try and sleep through the hunger hungry . . .

I tell you though when I pull out those veggies and grill up that solitary chicken breast at night - it is the BEST tasting thing you can imagine! It really makes you appreciate making healthy choices and eating GOOD things.

And my body is adjusting. I really think I can do this.

Although, this is what Polly looks like to me right now:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're off to the races

Laura is on her way and we're headin off to beautiful San Diego! I have not made the drive to San Diego in YEARS (maybe 10?), so this will be fun! I'm only doing the 5k and Laura will do the half. I guess I'll stand there holding her beer when she finishes!

where are you going, now?

The girls know what the suitcase means and they are NOT happy. But they LOVE our neighbor Walter and he will come stay with them. They'll be fine - and yet I always feel so guilty!

Seriously, that suitcase/backpack is full. And it's for 2.5 days. How did I live out of it for 2.5 weeks before? I'm am the world's worst packer!

We will try out the new iPod gadget thing I bought last night. Gone are the days of packing the whole CD collection!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yep - another vet bill, Anna!

Seriously, it feels like we LIVE at the doctors these days. Polly's ears and tummy. Polly's feet. Then Anna's torn toenail. Now Anna has a green gooky nose (sounds attractive, yes?). Everything looks good - she doesn't have a fever, nothing else is showing a sign of infection so it could be: just an irritant, a foreign object stuck in there that needs to be extracted OR some crazy immune disease that wouldn't be good at all.

For now, we're starting with a round of antibiotics - they took tests for Valley Fever AND Tick Fever and we shall see. $300+ later . . .

Me. I'm at the chiropractor 3 times a week and just got fitted for my NEW orthotics. (Oh, that feels so old). I have a combo set - one for my running shoes and boots and a second smaller set that supposedly I can fit into dressier work shoes. I'm supposed to wear them almost all the time and hopefully all my back pains, plantar faciitis and knee/calve pains are behind me? We shall see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Good news: I exceeded the goal for my Diabetes Association collection in my neighborhood today and I anticipate at least ONE more donation . . . . Yea!!

What's that you ask? Well, rather than send general donation letters from the association, they discovered it is more effective to recruit a neighbor representative to sign, stuff, stamp and collect donations from a particular neighborhood. Somehow I made the list of people to recruit for this task - imagine that!

Anyway - this one's for YOU, Billy! My nephew Billy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year and we can thank the good work and research of the American Diabetes Association for helping him fight and learn to live with this disease.

And I'm going to be starting on some new goals myself soon. My city (and employer) is embarking on a new Fit City/Wellness program. I got a health assessment last week and I saw some numbers I didn't like. Time for some changes!!! I'm excited about the journey, but I'm really going to miss my comfort carbs and glasses o wine. Expect a bit of whining about the process to come . . . .

I'm a Quitter :-(

Well, yesterday I officially decided to drop out of the San Francisco marathon. It really bites. I mean, I got in by LOTTERY drawing. No Tiffany necklace at the finish line for me. :-( I'm very bummed, but I know it was a smart decision.

I'm not superstitious per se, but I do try to listen to things that I feel are "signs" I'm meant to do something . . . I thought getting my name drawn out of thousands was a sign I was meant to do this race.

But perhaps it was just a nudge to take on a new goal with Team in Training and help make some strides against cancer. Perhaps the back injury was my second "sign" that I did my work and now it's time to rest.

And a woman had contacted me a while back wanting to buy my bib. She read in our Facebook Nike Women's Marathon Group that I had been drawn AND was fundraising for Team in Training. I held onto her email just in case I decided to go beyond mentor and fundraise to travel with the group. And now I can offer this up to her and she is tickled pink. So it's all good.

I'm sure her time will be MUCH better than what MY time would have been if I tried to push it. And I'll ask her for a donation in place of the bib fee, so the circle of GOOD will continue.

Even though I know it was the right choice, I still kind of feel like a quitter. This will pass. I am going to try and run tomorrow and see how it goes . . . .

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Okay, so maybe it wasn't the LAST garage sale I will ever have. Let's just say the last time I ever have an August garage sale. What was I thinking? My alarm went off at 4 am and I began the process of unloading the garage and setting up the sale at 4:30 am. In my experience, people cruise by early and if I'm not set up and ready, it is difficult to handle customers - because they arrive in bunches. I also got smart this time and used a clothing rack with a blanket as a wall to block my garage. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do. I've had them walk into the garage before and start poking around on shelves - seriously?

Anyway - it was a hot a muggy morning and set up took forever! Jo Anna showed up around 6 with more stuff and Amy saved the day by arriving with STRONG iced coffee, string cheese and granola bars at 7.

We did okay. But not as well as I have done in the past. I mean, who in their right mind is garage sale shopping in this weather? We didn't get any of the "pros" but we did attract a lot of really nice families who were looking for home necessities. All in all, we made $150 yesterday. Not bad!

Since traffic was slow and I was solo on Sunday, we determined to hold off on the sale Sunday and wait until the end of September to try again. SO, if you missed the window of time to drop off YOUR junk, there still is time!

After we cleaned it all up and re-loaded and stacked all the boxes in my garage, I made my way to Mesa to drop off an outdoor firepit to Jo Anna. I've learned one thing about hosting all these garage sales, if you don't end up writing a check at your own event, you're just not looking!! I have yet to have an event where we don't walk away with something someone else donated.

Then I went to my friend Diane's house who was hosting a FABulous BBQ and Pool Party with her newly refurbished pool. It was VERY blue, lots of toys and shady umbrellas. Fun, fun, fun!! I *might* have drank a little too much koolaid because I feel today like I didn't actually TALK to anyone, I think I might have shouted a lot. I'm sure I was very wise and witty albeit hyper and shouty.

And now today - I'm attempting to tackle the house tasks. And my golf tournament stuff. And logging into all of my social media tools to wish my friend Brian a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And I am tired. Am I too old for all this stuff?

I'm supposed to be able to start running again this week - will I be able to make up the time and run a decent marathon in October? I have some serious thinking to do tonight. I need to recommit by tomorrow if I am still going to go to San Francisco. Decisions are hard :(

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lucky Eight - on Eight Oh Seven (Yea, me!)

We've all probably gotten an email about how LUCKY tomorrow should be. 08-08-08. You haven't? Well, Read a little. And more.

But MY luck started today! I WON a $250 gift certificate to a VERY COOL athletic-inspired online clothing store called Athleta. I get their catalogs and really love their stuff. I've been working on getting back on track and loving my physical self again - so I'm think I should use this to buy a very cute GOAL OUTFIT. This wonderful surprise came from a online blog/website/tool that I just joined called - their tagline: "Healthy, happy you" - and I'm totally happy :)

I also received an email from my new friend Ali Spagnola. You may remember that I received a very cool Charity Chick inspired painting from her earlier this year. Well, she has made me ANOTHER painting, this time as a raffle prize for my Charity Chicks Golf & Glow Tournament! Thanks, Ali!

OTHER exciting news. So I have that golf tournament coming up for Charity Chicks and Team in Training. I've invested a good deal of time planning it. I've written a deposit check. I have prizes, flyers, registration goodies and volunteers. And not one team signed up yet. I am expecting some signups, but still - no official paper-to-pen, check-in-hand teams. Today we secured a SPONSOR. has kindly offered us an ad - valued at $750 - that will go out to 80,000 LunchClub email subscribers on 8/21. If THAT doesn't drum up some attention for the ol' Charity Chicks and hopefully a TEAM or two, I don't know WHAT will.

And yet MORE good news (this came yesterday - Happy Hump Day!) - the doctor said that I am progressing AHEAD OF SCHEDULE and I can start running again next week (with some modifications to form). I'm still worried about catching up the miles, but I am going to do all that I can.

AND - we had one HECK of a storm tonight and I LOVES me some rain and thunder and lightening. My mood is GREAT!

my flower box, all glisteny and rained on

Polly is NOT so happy :-( Thunder is scary - she's wedged against the wall next to my computer right now. She wants ME to take the lightening blow for her. Why not, that's what moms are for!! (Fake human-to-dog moms)

save me!

Happy 08-08-08 to you!!!

Weekend of JUNK

I can't believe I'm having another garage sale. I'm pretty sure I said the last one was "the last one" - BUT, it's a darn good fundraiser and the people in my life collect a LOT of stuff!

This is my 4th or 5th Charity Chick garage sale. You would think my friends' and family's houses would be empty by now!

So I've posted the ads, gathered the stuff, begun the preparations and now I will spend the weekend in a lawn chair in the AZ heat. Must buy cold beer. I also just looked at the weather - isolated storms Saturday and Sunday. What were the chances??

It's not hard labor but for some reason, I always break a nail, get dirt under them and am exhausted at the end of the day. Is it all the germs and the money going back and forth? It's not like I'm digging in the garden . . .

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Here's a little conversation that happened in the world o work last week - and it's not a first-time occurrence. Names and situation have been fabricated to protect the . . . well, to protect.


Me: Okay, well then we're ready to get started painting this room. I like your overall plan, but remember, I don't want the ceiling to be orange.

Other Person (OP): Sure no problem. I'll get going.

Me: Remember, don't paint the ceiling orange.

OP: Yup.

Me, on way out door: Hey, what are these cans of yellow and red paint?

OP: Oh, well we're going to mix them for the paint.

Me: Where is that going to go?

OP: On the space between the crown molding.

Me: You mean, the ceiling?

OP: Yeah, the upper space above the crown molding.

Me: And so, you plan to mix these colors together and paint the ceiling?

OP: Yeah.

Me: But won't that make the ceiling orange?

OP: What, you don't want orange on the ceiling? I didn't know that.


Seriously, I can't wait to start my week. If I'm lucky I'll have a bunch of emailed requests waiting from all the other people that are as descriptive as:
Can you post this thing? (what thing, where, what will it say?)
Oh, and today is my deadline, so can you drop everything and do it right now?