About Me

I'm just an ordinary active girl who loves to make a difference in her community, spend time with her furry family, run, be healthy, travel and simply enjoy life! I love my real family as well! :)

In 2001, I started a volunteer group with a couple friends called Charity Chicks. We simply wanted to put our spin on the art of making difference and to introduce people into FUN ways to make positive changes in their community. I've been running it in my spare time and from my home office ever since and we've had some great successes and adventures.  www.charitychicks.com  -  www.facebook.com/charitychicksaz

In 2002, I got involved with the American Stroke Association and began to train for my first marathon. And my love for running began. I've since had many running adventures and ran several half marathons and a couple marathons. I'm lucky to have active friends who keep me moving - from Crossfit to hikes to runs and more!

I currently run with a group called the Cholla Chicks. Right now we're just a group of girls who run together and encourage each other - but we'd like to reach out to newbie runners and introduce them to the joys we experience through running. www.facebook.com/chollachicks

I'm a crazy dog owner who can be found on the weekends walking though the park by my house having complete conversations with my animals. My favorite parts of my day are when I get home and experience their pure excitement at my return and the moments when I sit down on the couch after work and we have a quality snuggle.

Come join my adventures!